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About Bears

At the present time people's attitude towards the bears have changed a lot. The funds and organizations around the world realize rescue programs to protect different species of the bears, monitor population numbers of the wild bears, study their needs and behaviors. Rescue funds' educational programs uncover the plight of the bears in modern world and tell about the problems, which the bears are faced everywhere they live.

The story of relationships between bears and people has been evolving for many centuries and even thousands of years. The bear is one of the main characters of the myths. The legends with similar subjects are found into the cultures of different nations, living on different continents.

The bear is a famous character of ancient fairytales as well as of contemporary pieces of literature and animation. The bear became an important part of a heraldry, his image beautifies the coats of arms of noble families, cities and regions. He has come into humans' life, culture and art.

In ancient world the bears were endowed with a sacred meaning. People were influenced by the natural properties of the bears. The bear was not only the embodiment of power, wisdom, kindness and abundance, but he was an animal of great worship during the centuries as a sacramental creature (the link with the gods, the embodiment of ancestries' souls, the spirit of nature). The best representatives of human family have a deep respect to this wonderful animal. We find the examples of peaceful coexistence and love towards the bears into the lives of saints and geniuses of art and culture.

And now we see in the work of bear rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries that kind and careful attitude towards the bears is absolutely natural and very pleasant. Lets admire and be acquainted with different bear species.


It is natural to love the bears

Moon Bears

Kevin with his friends. Sanctuary of Animals Asia

Kevin. Animals Asia
Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Kevin was in a bad way. He’d lost a paw, probably from being caught in a snare, arrived in great pain as a result of complications caused by him having his bile extracted over a long period of time. But today, eight years later, this friendly bear is head over heels. Kevin’s happy disposition and cheerful expression have earned him the name of “smiling bear”. Kevin is a beautiful bear with a temperament to match. Despite missing his left forepaw, this tall bear loves to climb trees and get up to mischief with his best friends Billy, Sepp and Chance.

Sun Bears

Tan-Tan. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Tan-Tan. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
Tan-Tan is 2 years old. Tan-Tan was named after the village she was rescued from. Tan-Tan was rescued from being sold in the remote region of Paitan. She was introduced to the other sub–adult bears and get along with all of the bears. She is quite a character with a strong sense of humor. Tan-Tan likes to stay in the forest enclosure. Tan-Tan has quite a feisty nature. She knows how to build a comfy tree nest for resting. 

Brown Bears

Mira. Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Mira like many other bears of Kosovo, spent her life in captivity near the restaurant. Now she is happy and lives in Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. This sanctuary was established in 2013 supported by Four Paws, an international animal rescue organization.

Black Bears

Molly. Bear With Us Sanctuary

Molly was born in Canada in 1986. Molly is an ex-circus bear who has spent much of her performing life in Ireland.  Forced to be a dancing bear (trained by putting the bear in a small cage, forcing her to stand on hot steel plates), Molly developed terrible stereotypic behavior. After that she was sold to a private menagerie and not well fed or cared for. Now she lives in Bear With Us Sanctuary. Molly resides with Yogi in a densely forested enclosure which includes a pond for drinking and cooling off. Molly is a beautiful bear still shy of men.  Negative or stereotypical behaviors ceased to exist many years ago.

Sloth Bears

Suri. The Sanctuary of Wildlife SOS

Suri was a "dancing bear". Rescued in 2007, Suri’s condition was very poor, he was malnourished, and the penetration wounds on his muzzle were fresh and bleeding. It has been nine years since the darkness has lifted off Suri and he has grown up to be a wonderful, happy and affectionate bear. Suri is very jolly and playful but also very diplomatic. He plays with all the bears and doesn’t interact with any bear in particular. He loves to play with all kinds of enrichments. He loves to explore different area in the facility or new enrichments, likes to roam around in the fields and is crazy about watermelons.

Spectacled Bears

Cholita. ADI and Taricaya Ecological Reserve

25-year-old Cholita, a spectacled bear, was torn from the wild as a baby by a circus in Peru, who cut off her fingers to remove her claws and broke off her teeth to leave her defenceless. Due to the stress, she lost all her fur.
ADI saved Cholita and took her home to the forest at Taricaya Ecological Reserve, where they will care for her for life.


Pandas from Wolong National Nature Reserve

Polar Bears

Polar bear