Picture is of rescued moon bear Maggie a
young Moon bear cub
at Tam Dao, Vietnam
Bao Lam
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Moon Bears

Asian black bears named Moon Bears due beautiful white mark on their chests, are the residents of warm and sunny lands from Iran to Japan. The circumstances of their habitat have determined the lifestyle of Moon Bears. Abundance of woods, rocky landscapes make them wonderful climbers, spending approximately half of life on the trees, where the bears search for food, take sun bathes, rest and escape from danger.

Though the arms of Moon Bears are more developed than their legs, that allows them to get on the trees even with disabled legs, this species of the bears are known for the ability to walk upright much longer than the other bears. 

Moon Bears are extremely attentive and wise, their thoughtful behaviour is expressed by adaptation to the differences of climate and features of environment. Moon Bears hebirnate depending on weather, which changes from snowy winter on the Far East of Russia to heat in China and Laos. Avoiding frost they come down from the mountains, and escaping confrontation with the people Moon Bears can even change their regime and stay awake at night instead of day.

These wonderful creatures are one of the biggest arboreal animals, and like sun bears they can construct the nests upon the trees. Rich nature and plenty amount of southern food allow the bears to keep mostly plant-based diet, what makes them good-tempered and kind.

Unfortunately these amazing bears with their sweet character are terribly abused by people. Moon Bears are captured and kept in cages where they are used as a resourse of bile. Thousands of animals are suffering and dying every day because of being tortured for the brutal barbaric practice. The stomach of the bears is pierced and their bile is all the time pumped out through catheter placed in their bodies. The spirit, life and health of those bears are totally broken, sometimes the bears are forced to wear metal jackets too.

And that can last for decades, from their childhood till end of existence. 

On bile farms

In sanctuaries


What people do with Moon Bears because of bile is monstrous. As well as it is important to add that the bile finally got from bears can't be a cure at all! Unsanitary conditions, uncured purulent wounds, the bodies of bears are exhausted and weak because of infections, pain, stress, grief and depression. Finally all necessary plant analogs which should replace the bile of bears exist! There is no need and no right to torture bears.

Real cure which we can get from bears is the possibility to coexist with them and evolve together. Possibility to see and understand, to love free and happy animals!

Organizatins protecting and rescueing moon bears:


Animals Asia

Mission: end bile farming in China and Vietnam, rescue of captive bears, rehabilitation in sanctuaries.

- visit the website of Animals Asia -


Free the Bears

Mission: rescue of captive bears in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, rehabilitation in sanctuaries.

- visit the website of Free the Bears -

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Wildlife SOS

Mission: rescue, rehabilitation and protection of bears in India.

- visit the website of Wildlife SOS -


Four Paws

Mission: rescue, rehabilitation and protection ofanimals around the world. Rescue moon bears from bile farms.

- visit the website of Four Paws -