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Animals Asia
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Happy Bear organizes cultural and educational events to support the bears and bear rescue centers.


We search for the ways of exchanging wildlife conservation experience between the countries.

The events are not linked to a concrete date and can be conducted repeatedly, in any time of the year.

"Protecting Art" eco art Festival

February 07, 2018

Everyone interested in participation are invited. The admission of the artworks ends on March, 23 2018. Please, be sure that image fits these parameters:
– The size of the artwork must be 297x420 mm (A3).
– The artwork should be created by eco-friendly art materials only.
– The file must be less than 25 Mb.
– Accepted formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG (CMYK; 300 dpi).
It’s important: please, take a look at informational materials on official website of Kind Art eco project:www.pyaradesign.org/kind-art
Here you can also find full Technical Task.

Educational presentations and lectures

November 07, 2017

X-XI 2017; I 2018

We are happy to spread the information about protection of bears, other animals and nature! During our lectures and educational presentations, which we conduct in social centers and schools of Russia and France, we explain the importance of living creatures and natural habitats, talk about outstanding and inspiring experience of rehabilitation centers for anmals around the world.

"How to Save the Bear"

September 04, 2017

5/IX - 1/X 2017

In collaboration with the Museum of Zelenograd in Moscow (Russia) Happy Bear charity project opens and leads the exhibition and lectures dedicated to protection of bears and natural habitats. Educational events are spreading the information about work of leading rehabilitation centers for the bears. 

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