the Song of Bear

Happy World Bear Day!!!

What a joy to see so many warm, kind and loving wishes for the bears and all those who protect, rescue, rehabilitate and support them! You are amazing!

Thank you so so so much! Let our wonderful bear friends be healthy, joyful, playful, wise and childish, cute and strong, free and happy, the way they were created by Nature!


A little present from pure heart.


When Nature tries

To take a new step into life,

A free and happy Bear

Is meeting a sunrise

Upon a cliff.

A wise Protecting Frère

Has just awaken,

Each sniff

Fills him with joy of Spring.

And every look having been taken

At native sight

Makes him feeling so bright!

All have got mission

And the Bear

Stays cosy and so fine

With what is marked by him as "mine"!

"To dare and to care

In everything I do", -

He sings, walking in forest.

Some times can be the borest...

But Bear, inspired,

Prefers not to feel tired,

His heart is beating with the Love.

And when it's tough, he looks above.

The Nature

Is being developed in the son.

And Bear, having grown,

Evolves and becomes mature

Keeping his living childish side

As vital Light.

The spirit and the truth

Have found the home

Inside the Bear.

"My soul is in the fusion

And unity of heart and mind.

This pillar keeps me safe,

As well as gentle, brave,

Attentive to the Time,


And my desire

Is to keep link of harmony

With this Eternal World.

And I've been told,

The butterfly can change the space

With just a movement of a wing.

Isn't it of the hugs, embrace?

It does inspire me to dance and sing!

And in my den I'm also dreaming

During cold, darkened days,

Like birdy small insect in his cocoon.

I see the path of hiding meaning,

A spring of honey, streaming

Not just to Moon,

But to the inner Sun or farther,

Uniting Universe.

It shows what's to be One,

being diverse.

It's a Revival Season,

And Nature gives all what we need.

If we just try

To plant a kind and healthy seed."



III 2021