~ MY NAME IS BEAR / Misha ~

~ MY NAME IS BEAR / Misha ~

March, 23. 2020

"My name is Bear..." -

said the Wind.

"You shouldn't fear,

I am cosmic wisdom,

Forest's king."

Eternal air

was whispering so fair

with lips of trees,

in language of the leaves...

"My name is Bear" -

Once I've heard.

And Water splashed by bird

Has asked to care

of Her embodied in a cub,

To save from agony in snare.

Somehow to bring to place,

where no one will jab-dub,

mocking the Nature's face.

Promise to keep,

Life to embrace,

With opened senses

following the Wave

to see at last the glances

of Nature's revelation. Maybe

to feel what's really to be brave.

"Bear!" - burst the Fire

cradling a shaggy baby

in manly hands of Heaven's light.

"I realize divine desire

of self-cognition,

percieving through the Bear's sight.

I am in this shape

for a high mission.

You see Me in this child,

Protecting, strong and wild!

We partly are the same.

Discover Me within this name."

The Universe is not linear.

And there - beyond His eyes,

As grace of Future lies

So Past that seemed to disappear.

Through foggy beauty

that uncatchable and free

Familiar feature can be seen,

When Animal passed behind tree

As spirit of forebear.

So many things You mean,

So much to understand.

We both are Nature's flame

Sharing the common land.

The life restores itself

in Misha's name.


Alyona Philippova

III 2020