8. An Andean or Spectacled bear
A wild young male spectacled bear is cur
A Mum & cub both have caught sight of so
A Mum and cub entangled in the dry fores
A Mum & cub both have caught sight of so
I love you mum
Cholita 3
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Spectacled Bears

Like every species of the bears Spectacled Bears are special and remarkable. They live only in Andean area of South America, and they are the only living species of short-faced bears.

Spectacled or Andean bears are in vulnerable status. It is caused by different reasons, but the main are the loss of habitat due wildfires and the danger from people, who kill them having forgotten about all the honor and respect to these amazing ancient animals.

Spectacled bears live mostly in mountain dry forests, the fires start easily there and are spread all around extremely fast. It is a big problem for the bears, because they can be caught by fire, and if they survive they loose the places with appropriate living conditions and food.

The aggression from people also puts spectacled bears in danger. And it is considering the fact of their high position in local mythologies and honorable status in ancient belief. In the Past spectacled bears were percieved as the spirits of ancestors, brothers of people and their reincarnation. 

You can read about this interesting subject >here< in original article or >in these two articles (I part, II part)< in Russian retalling.

Another side of disrespect and wrong attitude towards spectacled bears is keeping bears in captivity by circuses and zoos to entertain people. Spectacled bears are very sensitive creatures and they go through incredible stress due that wicked treatment. Born to be free, in cages and behind the metal bars they loose their hair and health. 

Besides that circuses harm the bears with violent tortures, such as breaking out the teeth of animals and pulling out their claws.

You can see such poor spectacled bears here:

Dominga the bear

Dominga, spectacled she-bear

rescued by ADI from zoo

Cholita the bear

Cholita, spectacled she-bear

rescued by ADI from circus

Cholita in sanctuary near her home with special air conditions to help her breathe with her poor lungs

Organizatins protecting and rescueing spectacled bears:


Animal Defenders International

Mission: rescue of captive bears, relocating to sanctuaries, rehabilitation, conservation.

- visit the website of ADI -


Spectacled bear conservation society

Mission: scientific researches, education of local people, monitoring, conservation.

- visit the website of SBCS -

chaparri logo.jpg


Spectacled Bear Rescue Centre 

Peru’s first wildlife rescue centre designed specifically for Spectacled Bears.

Mission: rehabilitation of bears rescued from captivity, researches and monitoring, conservation.

- visit the website of Chaparri -