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Sun Bears

Remaining the smallest bear species in the world, sun bears are the essential part of Nature and diversity of the wildlife. Motherland of these adorable creatures is the lands of South-Eastern Asia, the region with warm and wet weather and abundant vegetation. These rich circumstances of habitat create the basement for the lifestyle, communication and the other features of behaviour of the sun bears.

Their shy and watchful mentality leads them to independence, though sun bears can make friends and glad to spend time together with the other like-minded bears and individuals (for example, a guardian dog in the rehabiltation center of Free the Bears). Like the other bear species, sun bears prefer to avoid the confrontations, and being also retiring creatures eating mostly vegetaran meal and insects, sun bears tend to spend a lot of time on the trees. Arboreal lifestyle allows these wonderful animals climb well and construct real big nests among the branches. The ability to shin up the trees fast and nimbly is the reason why sun bears are also named in french "ours des cocotiers" ("coconut palm bear"). There they take rest in a shadow, nap or save themselves from predators, such as snakes or leopards.

Sun bears are threatened as vulnerable. And there are a lot of additonal dangers which are caused by the activity of people: including destruction of forests - the home of the bears, withdrawal from the wild to keep in captivity as pets or as a source of bile. The sun bears like moon bears are exploited and tortured by bile industry in the farms around the Asia due ancient imagnation about healing properties of their bile. Nowadays bears rescue organizations proved the fallacy of such suppositions, pointing to such main things as absence of necessety in this "ingredient", because of availability of synthetic and plant orgin analogs, and as the horrible condition of the animals, the state of their health has a wicked impact on everything and can't provide a cure. Fortunately, bears are rescued and supported as by rehabilitation centers as by the governments of these countries.

Another big issue sun bears face is intertainment and captivity of the bears in zoos, where a sun bear finds not suitable circumstances and even can be presented as a panda (such bear was transfered to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre).

The sun bears as their bigger bear brothers also have bright personalities, which are expressed in a behaviour manner and attitude to the life. While some bears act carefully and stay modest, relaxing or occupying themselves, the others have got more playful mood and wish to collaborate. As well as different bears responce to the rehabiltation in different ways, according to own level of energy, life-affirming and life-loving inside preferences and settings. During the rehabiltation bears are provided with many vital and necessary things such as, for example, diet, supporting activities or treatment, where the daily regime means much. And the bears who are ready and glad to accept the shedule, to react with positive to the process of recovery, those reach the improvement soon and are able to return to a full and happy life.

Organizatins protecting and rescueing sun bears:


Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Mission: rescue of captive bears, rehabilitation in sanctuaries, conservation.

- visit the website of BSBCC -


Sun Bear Outreach

Mission: rehabilitation of sun bears in the sanctuary of Indonesia.

- visit the website of Sun Bear Outreach -

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Free the Bears

Mission: rescue of captive bears in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, rehabilitation in sanctuaries.

- visit the website of Free the Bears -

Another beautiful day at our Cambodia sa