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Celebrate the World Bear Day

There are many ways to support bears in the World Bear Day and anytime.

Here are some of them:

Don't pay for
tears of bears


First of all,

avoid places exploiting and abusing bears. Such as circuses and shopping moll, making the show from wild animals.


Remember that when buying stops, abusing can too.

Let others know


Spread the information through social networks, tell your friends. Share the theme while walking outdoors, wear t-shirts with a WorldBearDay design to inform the other people about the celebration.

Organize an event

One more good way to celebrate World Bear Day is to organize cultural or educational event.


The bear rescue centers and sanctuaries help the bears every day. They take care of their residents, rescue the bears in need, construct special houses and playgrounds, provide medical treatment. And they always need your support.

You can do it in different ways: donating funds, buying the souvenirs, transferring the payment for bears' meal. Some sanctuaries offer you to become a sponsor of a bear. It means that you take a responsibility for welfare of a concrete wonderful creature. Rescue centers also invite the volunteers.

Don't forget to share the information about the sanctuary. It helps more people know about contemporary plight of the bears and take part in rescue or rehabilitation missions in time.


For the details, please, read the information on the websites of rescue centers and the sanctuaries.


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